Artist and entrepreneur, Andrea Noel, was born in Selma, Alabama, but spent her formative years in San Fernando in Trinidad & Tobago, and teenage years in Valdosta, Georgia. Today, she calls the D.C. Metro area home.

Andrea’s artwork depicts simplified representations of familiar subjects and objects. The intricate patterns and bright colors are primary elements of her artistic style. Inspiration for her art comes from people’s stories, and issues going on in the world and in her life.

While her art is drawn by hand with Sharpie® Markers, she makes Giclée reproductions of her work because sharpie marker pigments fade over time.  Andrea prints, mats and frames all fine art reproductions sold through the LVG brand.

Andrea’s goal as an artist is to create evocative representations of life and encourage people to derive their own meaning from her work. She also strives to continue growing a brand that connects people with affordable art.

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