17 Gorgeous Country Homes Bathroom Ideas

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A very useful thing for a bathroom to have is a Country Home style. Country style homes have a relaxed appeal. There are some subtle styles to the design of a country home bathroom. They tend to be more art Deco inspired. But don’t worry about it. It’s easy to pick the style that you like.

Some tubs may have wheels. You could easily do this in your bathroom, but it would be good to have it out of the way of the tub area. Then if you will be using a more modern style tub, you can place it in your bathroom. If you are going to use a Victorian tub, you can have a bay and a step bath installed. A master bath would be an ideal spot for a tiled tub. Or you could have a stone soaking tub.

Country bathroom ideas are popular for most people because it has such a simple, elegant and relaxing look. You may choose to have a French sink if you are a native French or of French heritage. This can be an eclectic mix of both. Do what is comfortable for you. The important thing is to keep things in proportion.