28 Beautiful French Country Homes Ideas

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The style of houses in Europe were a turn of the century invention of King Leopold II of Belgium, who, with his desire to keep his subjects from emigrating, gave an order to erect these fine houses. At the time, the houses were very expensive still. Nowadays, those houses are not so expensive at all. These house styles are not just some fashion statement anymore. They are now considered a symbol of sophistication and beauty, being favored by people all over the world.

The European house is a historical trend of architecture and design. It also works best when you see them in their original state as historical buildings with beautiful old wood beams. But the fact is that nowadays, you can find modern French country homes made of modern materials with French furnishings that are in very good condition. And they also look very beautiful to look at. They are in any architectural style you can think of. They are in all standard size and proportion so that you can get the most out of your space. No matter how huge your house may be, there is always something to be enjoyed.

These country homes were a true sign of grandeur and freedom. When your neighbors started complaining about the lack of heat and hot water supply in their houses, the king gave in to their request and provided them with a system of pumps and pipes that will give them water for the first time in years. Their wooden and brick homes are still going strong and they are still popular. So if you want to appreciate your own country, go out to Europe and see the difference in how houses are built now versus in the past.