51 Best Apartment Design With Italian Interior

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This inside is located in the stunning home in Ospedaletti, on the coasts from the Ligurian Sea. Residencial structure is bordered by plant from personal yard, and has efficient entrance right into the area and the matching primary entryway and terrace.

Prolonging the concept from the top quality life, revealed in an agent home on the Italian Riviera – NG-studio produced and executed the inside from this house in an specific way – with mix from classic design and customs from inside designs from Italian Riviera and Сote d’Azur – with contemporary keeps in mind and propensities unique for the insides from superior degree. Classial lines from cornices and stylish white plaster design – integrated with brilliant unique timber veneer. Soft tones from suede and nubuck are as opposed to the sharp glow glass and cozy bronze. Drapes, fabrics and rugs made from all-natural products – provides the inside gentleness. In general plan from the inside is developed mainly from cozy tones – which alloyed to integrate products, to harmonize all inside and to produce a strong picture of this home.

But I like the abundant background from Italian style – to be bordered by greats such as Michelangelo, the Colosseum and Da Vinci should have been a motivation for a lot of developers – I rest securely in the Contemporary Italian interior decoration camp.


I believe this has something to finish with the smooth, tidy lines and luxe surfaces – believe chrome versus velour, marble, natural leather and glass. And the charm from Contemporary Italian style is that this still has a minimal aspect to this, unlike conventional Italian style which is much eliminated from downplayed.